Hunter Brown

Composer | Percussionist | Music Technologist

For percussion quartet (4 bass drums & 4 cymbals), fixed audio, and live electronics.

This piece uses a technique I refer to as "membrane feedback." A transducer and contact mic are attached to the head of each bass drum. The contact mic and transducer are routed through the same audio channel within an analog mixer. This results in a feedback loop through the drum head. This allows the performs to control the pitch and amplitude of the feedback by placing their hands on different spots of the drum head, by applying pressure to the drum head, and various other techniques.

Percussion: Justin Gunter, Louis Pino, Carson Fratus, and Liam Smith
Pre-Recorded Voice: Emma Blackman
Electronics: Hunter Brown


For Didgeridoo & Live Electronics.

Commissioned by Alex Tasker.

An improvisation using no input mixing techniques on an old Rolls RA62b 6 channel headphone amplifier.

A no-input mixer improvisation.